My name is Rose Kulczycki. I am originally from Illinois, USA but currently living in the Dominican Republic. I attended a 200 Hour Kundalini Teacher Training in the year 2018, where I had the privilege of learning under Rohit Kumar.

Rohit is a kind and gentle soul, as well as a joyful and patient teacher. He is abundantly knowledgeable regarding Yoga and Kundalini, yet humble and gracious. His classes focused first on theory, to provide a basis of understanding, and then moved towards practice, where students could apply said knowledge and experience true learning. He offered pearls of wisdom from his own experience while respecting the unique journey and sagacity of others. Always poised, but never overly-stoic, his smile radiates pure warmth and his whole-hearted laughter filled the class with utter bliss. Learning from him was not just educational. It was spiritual. He touched the minds and hearts of each and every one of us. Now that the training has ended, he continues to send reading material and food for thought, investing in the continued growth and well-being of his students. I shall be forever grateful for the opportunity to laugh, learn, and grow with Rohit. Hari Om.

Serena Kunzler

I attended Yoga Bhawna Mission’s 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, India. During this time, my fellow learners and I were fortunate enough to have Rohit Kumar as our Asana, Pranayama and occasional Kriya teacher.

Rohit’s Asana and Pranayama teaching style is conscientious, detail-oriented, calm and careful. Rather than trying to achieve impressive postures with his students, his focus is on exploring each pose for the health benefit and bodily awareness it brings. But his knowledge and guidance reached far beyond the regular class hours. Rohit would often speak passionately about Yoga philosophy as well as personal experiences pertaining to the effects of Yoga on physical and mental health.

Rohit lives by his own discipline, and this becomes abundantly clear when you meet him, converse, and receive his teachings. He is honest, kind and supportive. He cares deeply about others’ well-being, and lives by example through his own health routine, which he is very open about. Apart from being a serious practitioner of  Yoga, Rohit is also humorous and a romantic by nature.

Rohit Kumar spoke many times about wanting to meet with people from around the world to share the knowledge and thoughts on an all-rounded personal health care based in Yoga. I hope that he gets to achieve this dream, and wish him all the best in his pursuits. God bless you Rohit.

Serena Kunzler, Switzerland


I met Rohit Kumar when I attended a 200-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in 2018. Immediately he stood out from the other teachers in the way he engaged with our class. He brought a level of passion and honesty that allowed us to not only learn the deep concepts we were being taught but his teaching style kept us all engaged.

As a teacher myself, it was easy to see the passion he had for teaching and the genuine care he had for his students. His words touched my heart on many occasions and I could tell that he taught from his personal experience as well as his education not just concepts he learned from a book. All the questions we asked, he was able to answer in a way that spoke to his wisdom of Yoga and its vast levels of depth. Aside from his experience I noticed that he was a favorite among all the students in our class because he taught with a sense of humor, deep intellect and a joyfulness that was infectious. We couldn’t help but laugh and be totally engaged during while he was teaching. It was easy to see that he had genuine love for the topics he was talking about and he cared about us as students because he continued to teach us even after the program was over.

He would send us follow-up emails with more detailed explanations about the topics we covered. He would ask us if we had any extra questions or were confused about what we learned or the extra information he provided us. He even helped us with setting up a routine for our personal practice after we returned home. On several occasions, he even Skyped with me to check up on how my practice was coming along after trying it for a few weeks after the course had ended.

I highly recommend him as a teacher and guide in the path of Yoga. There are many people who teach because they want money or followers but Rohit teaches because it was what he was called to do. This path of Yoga was what he was called to do. And anyone who has the honor of crossing his path, will be a better person and more knowledgeable after meeting him because he wants nothing more than for others to understand the power of the Yogic lifestyle and how it can benefit their lives.

Namaste, Gabriel Giron

Executive Director, Speak It Forward, Inc, Kalamazoo, MI, USA

Nevine Jacxsens

Namaste, my Name is Nevine, I am from Belgium and attended the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course in Risikesh where I met Rohit Kumar who was my Kundalini teacher for theory and practical. Rohit’s classes were one of my favourites. With the busy Kundalini TTC course, the days were long and sometimes tiring, however Rohit’s class was always a breath of fresh air. The classes were well structured, easy to understand and despite the very informative lessons, it felt as if the course was more of a practical understanding of philosophy.

Rohit has the art to explain abstract philosophical theories in practical, everyday life examples. By being able to capture the students attention with visuals, power-point and real life stories, Rohit’s theory class is where I learnt the most and retained the most information. Additionally, besides Rohit’s capability in keeping a well- structured and engaging class, Rohit is a wonderful person on a human level. His patience, kindness, sense of humour and ability to think outside of the box gives this extra space of friendliness and approachability. Outside of the class, Rohit is always available for a chat, to listen to your opinion and provide his immense knowledge. He is able to provide you with all the information you require so that can make their own best decision. Rather than offering straight away a solution, Rohit, has a great sense of his own what makes him a great teacher. He provides you with the tools where the student uses his own mind and awareness. It was an amazing 3 weeks time with him. If you have the opportunity to attend one of Rohit’s classes, you will walk into the session with one question and walked out with many other questions to which you have the tools to continue onto your journey of awakening. Many thanks Rohit,

With kind regards,Nevine.


I am Odette Bakker. I am from the Netherlands. I met Rohit in Rishikesh during my Kundalini Teacher Training in 2018. I cannot describe the knowledge and energy he shared with me.  Rohit showed me a different side to Kundalini; I was only aware of the Kundalini as taugh by Yogi Bhajan. Some of the things he taught me was more about the chakras, the awakening, the basics of Kundalini and the real meaning of Kundalini. He has one of the most contagious laughs; during some classes we would all be in tears from laughter. He is a wonderful person and I feel so grateful to have shared my experiences with him. I feel like my time with him and with India was too short and would love to go back and continue learning from Rohit. Thanks Rohit.

Jennifer Mason

Rohit Kumar, is truly one of a kind. I met him as my teacher in Kundalini Teacher Training Course. When I first saw him, I thought what a kind and gentle soul he looked to be. When he began to teach, I was overwhelmed by the extent of his knowledge. But his lecturers kept you on your toes, you never knew when a joke was coming, his dry Indian humour was so welcoming to our British nature. Precise yet philosophical in his teachings, his composure would return to a strict demeanour whenever he was teaching a point that we should fully note, allowing us to know when we should really be giving him the whole of our minds. His teaching knows no bounds. He offered us all the chance to communicate with him whenever we need to. With him, Kundalini is a journey and a way of life. Rohit is not just a teacher during your study, but a life-long font of knowledge at your disposal. The goal in his heart is helping people to grow, to become enlightened, to follow the path of their souls. I feel truly blessed to have been given such a gift in my life. I met Rohit and I know what it means. If you get the opportunity to work with him, you will feel this too.

Jennifer Mason, England.

Anita Bratti

I am Anita from Italy.  I attended Kundalini Yoga Training in 2018 where I met Rohit Kumar. From the beginning Rohit kidnaps your attention with his deep knowledge and passion. In his class, t is easy to learn even if your English is not perfect. Thanks to his way of teaching and the attention he has towards all the students. Even if his students come from all over the world, he knows how to make him understood by everyone. There is something special, magical in the way he talks and explain spiritual topics and you can feel it. He really take care about you and he always give you an answer. You can feel free to discuss with him because he has an open mind and he can accepts different opinion from his without any judgment. Humour and great spirit characterise his lessons for which it is impossible to get bored. Rohit is one of the best teacher I ever had in my life and I am grateful to have met him. I will always keep Rohit and what he has taught us in my heart. Thank you so much!

Danny Knight

My name is Danny Knight. I am from the UK and I met Rohit Kumar when I attended Kundalini Yoga Training earlier in 2018. I found Rohit to be an outstanding person on all fronts. As a teacher he is extremely knowledgeable and committed on his matter subjects, both by study and personal experience. He conveys his message in an articulate, humorous and interactive way, leading to the student being engaged at all times and getting the most out his/her time with Rohit.  The classes where always well-structured within the allocated time, however Rohit consistently made himself available to answer any further questions we may of had in his own time and encouraged us to send questions to him, which he always responded to.On a personal levelRohit is a great human being, very compassionate to others making time for anything you may want to discuss with him.  Open, honest and frank with as I mentioned before a great sense of humour, I have happiness within in endorsing Rohit and I wish him all the very best for the future. I have no doubt we will be in contact for many years as a student and friend. Namaste Rohit.

Michael Pittiglio

I am Michael Pittiglio from the U.K. I met Rohit on a Kundalini teacher training program in Rishikesh. Rohit was the kundalini practical and theory teacher. With 100% honesty, I can say he was one if not the most humble and caring man I met in India on my travels. His teachings for me resonated at such a level helping me gain a deep understanding of the practice I had been carrying out prior to visit India, my reason for travelling there in the first place. He delivered this knowledge in a patient and understandable way making sense of some of the experiences I was struggling to comprehend. He always went the extra mile helping me with my practice in a very traditional way which was exactly what I wanted from my trip. I will take his lessons with me always and continue to dedicate my time to my practice in the way he dedicated his to the teaching always with total selflessness! I feel truly blessed to have met him and returning to India would always take the time to try and further my study of this beautiful ancient knowledge in any way I can! With total gratitude, my heart goes out to him!

Sidsel Mouridsen

My name is Sidsel and I am from Denmark. I first met Rohit in a meditation class he came to lead during my yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh. I clearly remember him sitting there in the class with a big smile and all calm when I walked in. He instantly made me too feel the same way, all calm and happy. And that was and that is the thing with Rohit. Whenever he is around you just feel good.

After this meditation class, he kinda took me under his wings and became a really important teacher to me. We spent a lot of time together. He showed me around town, showed me places that was important to him and those places also became important to me.

I clearly remember one evening, we were sitting by the river, watching the sun go down. I had a lot of things going on in my mind, so many questions and so many worries. Rohit was being all patient with me, helping me clear my mind in his own beautiful way and when we left I was all good and in a perfect state.

Rohit taught me many things with his great knowledge and his beautiful ways of seeing and describing life. He taught me to see how truly beautiful everything around us is. He inspired me to keep practicing yoga and the importance of having it in my life forever. He made me slow down so I could listen, listen to the world and listen to myself. And now everything seems clearer.

I feel such a deep connection with Rohit and I am sure we have known each other for many lives. For now we communicate through water until we see each other again very soon. May he live long!

God bless you Rohit!

Sidsel Marie Lindbæk Mouridsen, Denmark.


Rumy Bozhkova

My name is Rumy Bozhkova. I from Bulgaria. In 2018, I graduated into the 200 Hours Kundalini Yoga TTC. Along with other classes in philosophy and anatomy, the meeting with Rohit Kumar who led the Kundalini Yoga classes was special for me. An exceptional person who impressed me with his deep knowledge of the subject he was teaching. My experience being his student is that, he is an exclusive Yoga man who applies everything learned with love and understanding. He inspired me to continue my studies as well as giving me the confidence to teach. The natural tranquillity that radiates, the gentle smile, the clear way of expression: all together Kundalini Yoga classes led by Kumar were not only eagerly awaited by me but by the other students. His classes were not ordinary classes, but inspiring conversations, profound revelations, incredible meditations and Kundalini practices. The knowledge gained in his classes is fundamental to me and the basis of my future knowledge of Kundalini Yoga. I look forward to the next meetings with him and the opportunity to be his student again.

Rumy Bozhkova,


I always remember the day I met Rohit’s eyes for the first time.  It was in the Ayurveda Yoga villa in Kerala in July 2014. It felt like we already knew each other long before we met. I surrendered in deep trust. I am practicing Yoga for almost 40 years, but following yoga classes with Rohit felt so different, much deeper, much purer but also familiar. For a Western woman, Yoga classes are really heavy and the intensity is overwhelming. For me Rohit’s classes were Yoga as it should be, back to the essence! After each Yoga class with Rohit, I felt different more free in body and mind, sometimes with painful muscles because of my enthusiasm.Yoga with Rohit is going further than the material world. It is meeting the universe, the unknown becoming less unknown. “Yoga is more than doing Asanas and Meditation. Yoga is changing your way of life, it is returning to your inner most being and becoming satisfied and free.” This is what in short I could receive from the bulk of what flowed from Rohit and his presence.


I met Rohit in 2014 in Kerala during a Pancha karma treatment. Rohit gave Yoga lessons 3 times a day. One day we sat and had chat together.  I asked him what Yoga meant for him. His answer left me wonder-struck. Yoga meant so much love he said, unbelievable without boundaries. And while sitting there I felt and saw the sincerity, deep love and truth in him.  From that moment, I took every moment to follow as much Yoga lessons by him as was possible in between the Pancha karma treatments. Weak or full of energy I was drawn to follow Rohit’s Yoga lessons. His lessons were always connected with this deep love, with great knowledge about the asanas and sitting there we all were part of the ancient Yoga roots and Rohit’s own experience and wisdom. What Rohit did was giving Yoga lessons which were always a challenge, but with respect to one’s limits. Always following and listening what every person could do at the moment. Rohit encouraged every one and helped everyone. His great faith in the healing benefits of Yoga became real for many people. For me doing Yoga these weeks was the beginning of stretching all my “channels” in body, mind and heart. From the day I was in Kerala till now I do Yoga every day. Rohit has been my first and greatest inspiration for this journey.


I am Estaben from Spain. I met Rohit in the Ashram of Rikhiapeeth in Feb, 2014 while we were taking part of the Paramahansa Satyananda Yoga Teacher Training Course. In this wonderful place, I had the opportunity to share experiences, emotions and knowledge with him. It was so nice to do Karma Yoga (selfless service) next to him because of his friendly behaviour and his wise observations about the Yoga Sadhana. He always had a positive and philosophic point of view about the things around us. I remember the days near the examination that we had to pass, I was somewhat concerned about it but in the interesting conversations with Rohit I was able to review a lot of knowledge like a very simple story because he knows it very well almost like a book. He was able to explain the questions in the easiest possible way and as a whole. For me Rohit is a very charming and intelligent Yoga Teacher. Next to this, in his company it is always possible to learn a lot of the Yoga science and philosophy and at the same time feeling as comfortable as in a real friend’s presence. I am very glad that until now I have been constantly in touch with Rohit which is a gift for me.


I met Rohit in Ayur Yoga Eco Ashram near Mysore in January, 2015. His morning teachings started with a meditation where we would stare at the big red sun and dedicate our practice. The Surya Namaskara that would follow made even more sense then!Rohit’s faith in Yoga is palpable and I must say I benefitted from it. More than teaching the mere physical aspects of Asanas, I learnt from him the importance of surrendering to the practice in order to have a much deeper insight on consciousness. Rohit would always encourage us to go beyond our limitations or fears and at the same time, remind us of the need to relax and to laugh at times. He is eager to teach and to transmit what he believes in, and anchors his schedule in quite a strict discipline (at least this is what I could feel); this reflects in his lessons as a peaceful and respectful atmosphere which I really enjoyed.  I hope the new center, where he will teach will benefit as many students as possible!

Armando, Paris, France


I came to India in July 2014 to receive Pancha Karma treatment at the Ayurveda Yoga Villa in Kerala. The intentions for my trip were to revitalize my body and to reconnect with my Yoga and spiritual practices. In the past I have done studied in Astanga, Iyenger and Kundalini Yoga. In addition I have also studied many of the Vinyasa based Yoga’s that have become common place in the United States. I could not find a system of Yoga which harmonized with my mind, body and spirit and hoped I would find one when I came to India.Upon arriving here at Ayurveda Yoga Villa I met Rohit; the Yoga master. His classes were unrushed and breath centered which I like. The Sun salutations he offered were completely different from the one I learnt in the United States. After class and in my private sessions that followed, Rohit walked me through many poses and breathing patterns that are taken directly from the Hatha Yoga texts and Patanjali Yoga Sutra. Rohit personally invested himself in getting to know my physical and mental attributes. He presented me with a detailed Yoga plan specifically catered to my body type and mental state. Now when I practice Yoga the feelings of “Am I doing right” or “Is this good for me” don’t exist. I am confident in my practice and as I learn and grow I feel Rohit’s presence mentoring me and guiding my practice. Thank you Rohit, for all your hard work and commitment to excellence. I finally feel like I am on the right path with my practice. Namaste!

Josh Sheldon, West Hartford, Connecticut, U S A.


Rohit Kumar came across me in June, 2014 in Kerala when I was seeking healing support. He had truly given me much boosted confidence, mostly through visits during which we had in depth conversations on lifestyle and Yoga practices. He was always open to any sort of questions I had and gave me detailed explanations and endearing answers. He was always willing to share his experiences and those he has witnessed in order to put things in perspective for me. His gentle, not forceful nature is much appreciated. During group Yoga sessions, Rohit was very easy to understand and professional. Even though we had classes of several people, he was able to give attention to all. He truly has a commitment to the purity of the Yoga practices and this passion becomes very contagious. Thanks eternally, Rohit!

Elizabeth, Rhode Island, U S A.


I am Sulav Khadka from Nepal. I live in U S A. It was a great privilege to meet Rohit Kumar at an Ayurvedic hospital in Kerala when a friend of mine informed that a new Yoga master had joined the classes. Having prior experience of Yoga with already working Yoga teacher I met Rohit Kumar in the morning class. True to the information given by my friend I found Rohit Kumar very nice, kind, helping and his classes were totally different yet the same what I sought. I personally requested doctors working there to have him my personal mentor and to give me permission to attend his classes. He examined my case very carefully. In the group class as well as in the private sessions he was amazing in his work. I was very upset with my health issues but in his company I had great hope and I gained my lost confidence back. Almost every day he personally attended me with so much of love and care. In the final week he gave me a compact Yoga programme needed to me considering my limitations. We are in close touch even now and he has been guiding me since we met. For those who need to sense Yoga from its root to its effect on different dimensions of human existence Rohit Kumar is a sure hope. I wish him all the best and may he always remain kind, compassionate, humble, knowledgeable and profound as I had found him in my presence.

Sulav, Baltimore, M D, U S A.


I am Mandy from Canada. I met Rohit in November 2014 while doing my Yoga teacher training in Maisur, India, and he changed my life forever. The journey was hard both physically and mentally. There were times I wanted to quit and go home to my husband and life. There were times I didn’t believe in myself, but Rohit had faith in me and helped me believe in myself. Rohit is very passionate, kind and understanding. He is an amazing person and teacher. Rohit taught me many things but the most important thing he taught me was self-acceptance. I learned to love and accept my body, while on my journey to better health. Many people think they need to be thin, flexible, or strong to practice Yoga. Please, hear me when I say that “Yoga is for everybody. Bodies change and evolve every single day, and the physical practice is simply a manifestation of the internal change. Yoga is a spiritual practice, one that allows you to be and see yourself. It’s a practice of non-attachment. Your physical body isn’t a deciding factor in whether or not Yoga is for you. Your body changes. Come to Yoga to find out how you feel, not judge how you look. Give yourself a chance, give yourself the gift of knowing your worth and it will change your life.”  These all I have come to realise and believe in, when I met Rohit. I can’t think of a better Yoga teacher than Rohit. If you’re wanting a retreat or to do your Yoga teacher training I highly recommend Rohit and his Yoga school.

Mandy Bentley, Alberta, Canada


Rohit embodies every aspect of why I love Yoga. I met him a year ago while doing my Y T T C in Mysore. He quickly became one of my dearest friends. We have been in touch consistently since I finished training. He gives me the best advice I have ever received and he promotes adopting a mentality of self-love. His story will have you on the edge of your seat. To call him an incredible person is an understatement. Namaste!

Dianna, Melbourne, Australia

Lorenzo Fortunato

I am Lorenzo Fortunato, from Italy, and I attended Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh where I met and learned from Rohit Kumar. I spent with him one month of my life, learning basic and advanced pranayama tecniques, tips and elements of ancient Yoga tradition. It was great! His knowledge in all these subjects is incredible, and he’s able to explain and teach in a really simply and clear way! Also in meditation sessions, he was able to guide us to experience and understand the function and the structure of our mind. Now, after that period, I can really go deeper in my practice and spread yoga here in my country!But, maybe more important, I met a gentle and kind person (I immediatly noticed some joy in his eyes) who never declined some small talk in front of the fire, after dinner!He spent his time with us for all the month and we had a really great time all together!I am definitely glad to meet this enlightened friend and teacher!

Thank you Guru-ji, Hari Om!

Yara Rajeh

I am Yara Rajeh Shahwan from Egypt. I attended 500 hours Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh where I met Rohit Kumar. I had a great time learning from him in different aspects of life. As a teacher, he has a tremendous knowledge to give with passion and love.  He is very respectful towards women in general. During the Kundalini class, he brings a very important concept that connects to the subject matter and present need of the rise of women in all walks of life, which makes him different than his fellow Indian men.  His belief that women alone can change the world to a better world, even now strikes to me so deep as I could see and feel how much respect and love he carried to every woman in the class. I still remember him in the class coming, taking his seats and talking as if he is one of the students and making us laugh many times during the session making the whole class seriously funny and educational. He has a very interesting way to deliver the knowledge with a sense of humour that makes student learn and remember easily. As an individual, he is so supportive and helpful. He still sends his students information and this is the best way a teacher can reach the heart of students. I just find no word to express how much I am glad to have been taught by him and have him a good and life time friend forever.

Eve Zheim

I am Eve Zheim from Paris, France. I attended Yoga Training in India where I met Rohit Kumar and his beautiful Yoga. As a beginner, I appreciated him teaching with much care of my ignorance, my aged body (69 years old), even my “fear” in front of some difficult asanas. He gave me the taste for Yoga and the will to continue in my own country, which I did since I’ve met him as a teacher. I feel very grateful towards him. Besides, I could notice how gentle, careful, efficient he was with the more advanced students, I also enjoyed his humour – and how much his knowledge and transmission of Yoga, as a physical harmonisation as well as a spiritual one, were powerful. And, it was easy to live in community all together (he also cooks very good!). In the year 2017, when Rohit, was in Paris, France, he did not forget to step in my apartment and said, “Eve, here I am with my student I taught in India.” I was so glad to see him in my own city. It was one of his evenings in Paris. Hari Om.


I am pleased to write this recommendation for Yogi Rohit Kumar. Yogi Rohit instructs students in different disciplines of Yoga such as Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Tantra, and Philosophy. During my Kundalini Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, Yogi Rohit was my Kundalini Tantra instructor. Yogi Rohit spent a great deal of time connecting with each of us, paying particular attention to our development throughout the duration of the course. We all responded particularly well to his engaging style of instruction. Each class started with Yogi Rohit setting the space, followed with a Mantra, after which he demonstrated his depth of knowledge, clear passion and experience of Yoga by way of demonstration. Each of us  received personal and specific assistance to improve and deepen our practice. Yogi Rohit made himself available to us at all times and actively participated in ceremonies.
Post course completion, Yogi Rohit continues to engages with us, sending information, guidance, and further instruction. My own practice developed more quickly and thoroughly with the time invested by Yogi Rohit in 1-1 private lessons which were in Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Tantra, and Hatha Yoga. This time assisted me greatly. Yogi Rohit continues to support my development even today. I am particularly grateful to him for this.
Alexander, England.

Tony Larsson

I am Tony Larsson, from Sweden. For about more than 3 years I was suffering from insomnia. I saw an advertisement in local Swedish News Paper, for “Medical Yoga with Rohit Kumar” and joined his class for a couple of weeks in Sweden. Rohit explained and performed the exercises in a clear way and in well-spoken English. He helped and corrected the participants to perform the exercises in a way that brings deeper and greater responses. Inspired by him and his ways, I met Rohit in a personal meeting and got some good lifestyle advise for everyday use in my life. I also joined Rohit’s class of Meditation which for me a couple of times brought a very challenging experience but eventually it lead me to a state, relaxing the body and mind both. Rohit is a very good speaker with a great knowledge to deliver. I on my personal experience with him in Sweden, can say he is a charismatic teacher. As a person, he’s warm and caring. And to the astonishment to many I would say About my insomnia? Gone completely and for good! Thanks Rohit.

Tony, Sweden.

Michelle Williams

I am Michelle from England. I attended Yoga Teacher Training in Risikesh where I met Rohit Kumar. Rohit was our teacher for our Pranayama studies. Rohit is very passionate about Yoga and gave clear instructions that guided us gently through the various practices. His approach built our confidence in teaching the discipline of pranayama ourselves, and I left the course feeling confident I could teach the foundations of Pranayama to my students. Thanks to Rohit’s encouragement and guidance. His enthusiasm for the subject was infectious. Outside of class Rohit’s warm and friendly smile was a joy. I would definitely recommend Rohit. He is a fantastic, kind and patient teacher.

Shellie Spilsbury

My name is Shellie and I am from Wales in the UK. I came to Rishikesh to broaden my knowledge and deepen my understanding of Yoga. Whilst there I had the lovely fortune of meeting Rohit Kumar.

  1. As a teacher, he speaks English well so it is very easy to understand him, his knowledge on the subject of ‘pranayama’ is second to none and his delivery of that knowledge is simple, clear and easy to understand; which for me was very important as my knowledge of the subject was very limited at that time.
  2. On an individual level, Rohit appears calm and collected and I felt that if I had a question he would answer as fully as he could and if he didn’t know the answer he would get back to me with the information.
  3. Rohit always seemed at ease with himself and he was someone who I wanted to spend time with, not necessarily to talk to but just to be in his company, he seems to emanate confidence and serenity.

Shellie Spilsbury, UK.

Ulla Eriksson Berg

My name is Ulla Eriksson Berg. I am from Sweden. I am 67 years and I have been suffering from rheumatism for the past years.I was looking for pain relief and training for my stiff joints.It was that time, I met Rohit Kumar in Sweden, while he was offering Yoga training at a Physiotherapy centre in the local town, Kungsor, I live in.I experienced Rohit as a very serious teacher. He helped all of us in the class individually if we needed.I realised after a couple of classes that I could do movement I couldn’t do before. After some days of practice, I felt much better and less stiff.I also met Rohit for a private consultation and received good advises for my health.Rohit always showed us respect and made sure that we all understood the Yoga moves, that we understood the language.I miss him and can recommend his classes to all people, of all ages. Warm regards.

Ulla, Sweden.


Rohit is a gifted Yoga and Meditation teacher. He has a unique ability to connect to people very deeply to understand their needs and help them develop and evolve in an organic way. He’s compassionate, kind, disciplined and all love. His Mediations are like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I met him in 2013 and I still talk to him regularly. He’s a very dear person to know and a very special teacher to practice with.

Muffy Potter, Sydney, Australia

Aiko Wada

My name is Aiko and I come from the Philippines. I attended Kundalini RYT 200 on August 2018 and I had the opportunity to meet Rohit Ji and take his Kundalini Theory and Practice class. I learned the foundations of Kundalini with ease since Rohit Ji’s teaching style is very fluid and very well prepared. I love the way he teaches us not only theory but also his personal experiences making the mystical and esoteric topic such as Kundalini better to grasp and made me realize Kundalini awakening is not exclusive for the chosen few, but can be attained by anyone who will put the effort. Rohit Ji is also open to questions during and after classes, extremely generous with his time and knowledge. Also as a very caring individual, he checks on us every once in a while, making sure we were following the concepts of what he’s teaching. Overall, he is an amazing teacher.  Thank you so much Rohit Ji from the bottom of my heart for imparting your priceless and vast wisdom in such a short period of time! I hope to see you again in the near future and learn more about Yoga!


I am Marieluise from Germany.  I attended Yoga Training at an Ayurvedic Farm in Kerala, India where I met RohitKumar. During the time, I thought I was advance in Yoga, because I had been practicing Yoga for many years. But during the Classes with Rohit I connected much deeper with myself than ever before and I got a deeper understanding of what Yoga is and can be. Since then Yoga is a very important part of my life and it helps me a lot. I am very grateful to Rohit for this experience. His Classes are full of Light and Knowledge and I can highly recommend Yoga classes with him. Namaste.

Rasha Shihabi

I am Rasha from Jorden. I would like to thank our Tantra Kundalini Teacher Mr. Rohit Kumar for his amazing classes with all of us. Full of a combination of theories, esoteric secrets about the dormant energy, practical practices and techniques to awaken and prepare the body and mind! The classes were some of those that we didn’t want the hour to pass because of how immersed everyone was! As if we were in a different time and space witnessing the tale of Shiva and Shakti from the beginning of time! Mr. Kumar is highly knowledgeable, very generous of his information and happy to share his resources! Thank you Mr. Rohit! Grateful.

Rasha Shihabi, Pranic Healer, Jorden.

Katja Karpf

I am Katja from Germany. I attended Kundalini Yoga Training where I met Rohit Kumar. He is an awesome teacher and was always in good mood. I loved to listen to him because he has a huge knowledge about everything in the subject and his English is very clear. His lessons were very interesting and we had so much fun together! He also had time for us before and after his lessons so we could ask him private questions. Rohit gave me a lot of energy! I think everybody will like such a kind, generous and intellectual teacher! Thank you Rohit for these amazing lessons! It was a pleasure to be in your class!

KatjaKarph, School Teacher, Germany

Amy Pons

I am Amy Pons from South Africa. I had attended Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 where I met Rohit Kumar. This course has been a tremendous experience to me in many ways. Into those bevy of experiences I recollect the class that Rohit had led to all of us and would like to pen my heartfelt feeling about the presence of Rohit and his teaching. This is how I would feel when Rohit came and almost all of us would be into the same pattern of feelings:
“The moment Rohit entered the classroom there was an unexplainable presence and integrity. This made it a wonderful lesson, as we could experience Kundalini Theory through Rohit’s way of being. I didn’t have to take notes in Rohit’s lessons because his passionate storytelling and presence was too wonderful to take my eyes off. I will never forget how Rohit explained the ascension of the Kundalini force as a romantic journey, where the left and right Nadi’s cross as lovers at each Chakra and finally become one, enlightened. The story he said, can be a living experience to anyone and when he said so, we could feel this was happening to all of us. Rohit, his class, his presence and the moments with him: these all are vivid within me as it was.
I am grateful for Rohit’s beautiful experience as a human (and lecturer), because it has inspired me deeply, where words can’t be found. “
Thanks Rohit!
Amy Pons, Grahamstown, South Africa.



Rohit is smart, kind, thoughtful talented master Yogi. Charming. Knowledgeable, Sincere. Polite. Warm hearted. Generous. Good friend. Good teacher. Wonderful man…………………………..The list could go on but those words are what remind me of Rohit. I had the pleasure to train with Rohit back in November of 2014. I will never forget our first conversation. It was about the Yoga sutras of Patanjali. I knew from that conversation that I was going to be working with a master Yogi. And I was right! Rohit is a very talented and patient Yogi. He is skilled in his practice and very diligent. He is a good friend too. He is easy to talk to and is eager to help out with anything that you need. He is respectful too! I will never forget Rohit. I am glad that we are still friend even though we are thousands of miles apart. I am forever grateful to him for being such an amazing teacher and friend.

Rachael, Washington, U S A.


I met Rohit in Ashram in a Teacher Training Course in 2015. This is the remarkable and sympathetic person who can help people not only with moral but also regarding their physical problems. So I can safely call him doctor Rohit 😉 I am grateful that later long time we still support communication. Rohit; good person, good friend and teacher of yoga. I hope we will meet next year;)… –

Gera, London, United Kingdom


Every now and then throughout the life we are lucky enough to meet a person that has the ability to light up any space we enter. Rohit is one of those people and I was lucky enough to meet him while getting my yoga teaching certification in October 2014, Mysore, India. At the time I was suffering with extreme hip pain. With Rohit’s knowledge combined with the passion and attention he gives his students he showed me the path to healing my hip, while becoming more aware of what my body was telling me. Rohit continues to share his guidance and support with me even today. I am beyond thankful that the universe was kind enough to let us cross our paths.

Ryann, Knoxville, TN, U S A


Rohit Ji: A True Yogi: I first met Rohit Ji during a month long Yoga teacher training back in October 2014 in MaisurIndia.The general feeling of everyone there before Rohit arrived was one of discontent. Rohit was supposed to start work for the ashram in November, but his presence was so strong and comforting already to those of us who got to know him, and so his work began sooner than expected. What would happen, then, was a transformation amongst us all.  Night after night, he would sit with us individually to listen intently to our ailments and personal problems that hindered our progress as aspiring Yoga teachers. One could sense the palpable shift then only days after his arrival. Students felt a renewed sense of purpose. “No personality is beyond transformation”.  I remember Rohit saying these preceding words to me when I’d asked him how he’s able to see past the unattractive qualities of people in general.  It made me realize something deep down; it planted a seed that has changed my entire perception toward mankind, and has since fostered a love for all people that grows stronger with each day. It is Rohit’s sincere regard for personal and collective progress that leads him to ask you hard hitting questions leading to revelatory breakthroughs as I had on that day. His devotion to his own Yoga practice is evident in the dedication he has towards improving his own student’s practices. His patience and kindness are a beacon for any struggling student. When I myself was desperate for answers, Rohit took me aside and devoted personal time with me to develop a Yoga practice specific to my needs. This included specific postures for meditation, mantras, pranayama, and sun salutations.

It is my pleasure and with great honour that I recommend Rohit Ji, not just to students of Yoga, but to anyone travelling the path to self-discovery.

Amanda, Lowell, MA, U S A


I met Rohit in 2013 at a time when I was learning the art of compassion and how to reconnect body and mind.  He as a patient teacher, and very good friend used his knowledge to combine the ailments of the body and mind to help me to learn to heal myself.  He has great skill at providing enough guidance to me to ensure I know which path to follow, and yet is able to step back and let me learn in my own way the finer details. He is easily approachable and available.  In these years of our great friendship he has always been a great support. I am grateful for his guidance and proud to know and connect with him.

Libby Williams, England.


My name is Stephanie Roy Troia. I am from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I took my Kundalini yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. I was a lucky enough student to take one of the many classes Rohit Kumar gives. Rohit was definitely an inspiration to me and others. He has a beautiful soul driven aura and is delightfully knowledgeable in his teachings. He definitely marked my life with inspiration and bliss because of his attitude and knowledge. Thanks to his class I got to not only learn so much, but to see it from his persona an example of someone who applies his teachings to his daily life. It was a beautiful experience and gained a friendship from a mentor and awesome soul. I can say to all of you that if you take his classes or learn from him, you are very lucky. He is a humble, proper and caring teacher. Thank you Rohit Ji for crossing paths with me. Namaste!

Stephanie, Puerto Rico.


Constanza Gutierrez

I am Constanza from Chile. I feel more than honoured to make this feedback to my lovely Guru ji. I met Yogi Rohit Kumar when I attended a 200-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in 2018. The first time he entered to our class, immediately he made the difference from the other teachers in the way he displayed his classes of Kundalini practices, theory, and philosophy of Yoga. He connected and he engaged with all of us. He showed to us so much passion with every action, every word, every asana and every teaching; that this allowed us to not only learn everything in deep detail, but we also were being taught how to feel his passion and love for Yoga.

He was teaching us in a unique way that he kept us always engaged, we didn’t want him to go after class finished. His teachings and his life experiences touched my soul and heart on many occasions. He was always willing to answer all the questions we asked, he was able to answer in a way that spoke to his wisdom of Yoga and its vast levels of depth. By far guru Rohit Kumar ji is the best teacher I ever had and I could ever imagine. He showed so much care about us as students, that he even continued to teach us after the program was over via WhatsApp; he sent us follow-ups with more detailed explanations about the topics we covered.

I highly recommend him as a teacher and guide in the path of Yoga or anything that he commits. There are many teachers, but no too many like him who can touch hearts and souls, and anyone who has the honour of crossing his path, will definitely be a better person and more knowledgeable. I could not have more gratitude to have him as my teacher. Thank you Rohit Kumar ji, Hari Om & Namaste

Constanza Gutierrez, Chile, South America

Anna Rutkowska

I am Anna Rutkowska from Poland. I attended 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training where I was lucky to have Rohit Kumar Ji as my philosophy teacher. To be honest not everything in the school I choose was perfect, but his presence there was absolutely a blessing for me, for other students and I believe for the school generally. Rohit Ji is one of the most humble teachers, I have ever met and in the same time – one of the most knowledgeable. His way of teaching comes from the deep understanding of the topic and what you are receiving from him is the pure essence. Every world he says has a purpose. He does not waste time for the side topics (even the simple stories he says sometimes have a deeper purpose), and his way of sharing the knowledge makes you very concentrated, alert and curious what will come next. Some Western students felt like Guru Rohit uses a lot of Sanskrit what required them to study it a bit more than they expected – but my impression after his classes was that some things are not possible to translate and after few classes you see that the Sanskrit terms he uses stuck in your head naturally and start to be understood on some deeper way than they would be if simply translated into English. I feel blessed to learn from him also because he was an example of kindness, cheerfulness, treating all people with the same love and respect and all his worlds and his silence just show how humble and how natural and good he is. Guru Ji, thank you for sharing yourself and I hope more people can benefit from your wisdom.

Anna, Poland.


I am Gowtham from Bengaluru, India. I attended Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in 2018, where I met Rohit Kumar and it was my pleasure to get Kundalini training from him.

1) As a teacher, Rohit Ji is really influential, experienced & aware of how to transfer the knowledge to seekers. During every session, he had clear idea about what he’s conveying to seekers. Our group consisted of person from different level of understanding on Kundalini. Still he managed to convey the idea very clearly. His usage of words, expressions in every class were imprinted in memory of student. He was not just a teacher/trainer, he’s a real good friend.

2) He’s very open with everyone, casual smiling & mixing of intense discussion with light touch of humour.

3) I Hope to meet him again and to get more seeking from his enormous knowledge treasures. There is no time limit to learn Kundalini Kriya still he managed to touch the intense depth of Kundalini. I’m looking forward to become his seeker.

Thanks. Hari Om, Gowtham, H S, India.

Clare Francis

I am Claire from England. I have been fortunate to receive instructions from Rohit Kumar during my 4 weeks stay in Kerala in July 2014. Mr. Kumar is proficient and professional in teaching various aspects of Yoga including Asana, Nidra, Pranayama, Meditation, Shatkarma and other valuable Yogis practices. Rohit’s approach to participants in group as well as to individuals both are praiseworthy as he is adapt in his skill. It was a great pleasure to be learning and spending time in his company.

I can thoroughly recommend both his services and character as I have found him to be professional, skilled, dedicated and humble as well as honest.

Claire Francis, London, U K

Rochella Doukas

Hi! My name is Rochelle Doukas. I am from Melbourne, Australia. I attended the Yoga Teacher Training from at Uttarkashi, India, where I met Rohit. He was one of my Yoga Teachers. I found his method of teaching very clear. His communication was also clear and precise. He was very sensitive and respectful. Very approachable and humble. In my opinion he was what Yoga is meant to be about. I really enjoyed how respectfully he shared his knowledge of Yoga and about other Yoga styles. I have studied under many teachers but personally I have a very high respect for Rohit as a Yoga teacher. I wish him every success. Kind regards.

Rochelle Doukas, Australia


I am Mathilde from France. I attended a 200 hours Kundalini Yoga teacher training in India, there I met Rohit as my Kundalini yoga teacher for theory as well as practical.

Rohit is a very inspiring teacher, always illustrating the intricate Kundalini theory by relevant examples to make the topics simpler and more understandable. There were moments during the class for all of us when the topics needed a lot of patience to listen and grasp the topics because of so many difficult terminologies in sanskrit language but with Rohit and his style of explaining things kept the enthusiasm of the class always interesting and attention-fetching. I learned a lot in his class as he made complex concepts much easier.

As an individual, Rohit is passionate and he shares his knowledge without count. We wished in every class, we could listen to Rohit’s talk for hours! He is a great speaker and he captivates the attentions with his words, sounds, articulations, gestures and smiles. I remember his classes and how we all felt in the moments he came in, spent time and when he left. It was a great pleasure and consolation for all of us.

I recommend Rohit wholeheartedly and I wish to learn again from him because of his dedication to the teaching as a teacher and care to his students not only as a teacher but also as an individual.

Thanks Rohit Kumar

Mathilde, France.

Uwe Kruger

I am Uwe Krüger from Berlin, Germany. I met Rohit Kumar in Berlin, in 2017, when he was offering his Kriya Yoga Training at Yogazenturm Friedrichshagen. His class was very different and one of his kind which we did not experience before. It was a combination of some Asana, of which some we knew but later those practices came which none of us had practised before. Simple, more still body and breath movements as instructed were the differences we could find but it led to amazing experiences. It was one of the best experience we ever had. We all miss his classes even now. He is a very warm person with an open and warm heart. He offered me his help and we still communicate. Thank you very much, Rohit! Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Uwe Krüger, Berlin, Germany.

Norma Cabral

I am Norma Cabral from New York, US. I attended Yoga Teacher Training in 2018, where I met Rohit Kumar and I had a great experience. Mr. Rohit is a very knowledgeable person in what he is teaching. He conducted his classes with respect and professionalism. Mr Kumar delivered information in a way that everyone understands, that makes him a great teacher. Besides giving general instructions, Mr Kumar gave individual attention which makes students feel comfortable, addressing each individual concern. With a smile in his face Mr. Kumar was willing to go back in the lessons as many times as needed and gave extra time to make sure everyone understood the information. Workshops and participation were interesting and fun. I enjoyed the classes very much. The Language was not a problem at all as Rohit’s English is perfect. He is knowledgeable, a great teacher, sensitive and concerned about the wellbeing of everyone in general are just some of the qualifications that make Rohit a unique person. I personally feel I was fortunate to have the opportunity to have Rohit Kumar as my instructor. If I have to go back I’ll choose Rohit Kumar as my instructor again.

Norma Cabral, USA.


Dominika and Naser

Hi! We are Dominika and Naser from Austria. We attended Kundalini Yoga Training and Tantra workshop where we met Rohit Kumar and were trained under his honest guidance.

As a teacher, Rohit is very empathetic. He can convey the content very well and is responsive to the students’ own skills. He gives everyone the time to get into a yoga position and stay in it. The language he chooses is easy to understand, but if we haven’t understood something, he takes his time to convey the content accurately. He has opened a very pleasant and quiet room for the practice. We experienced him as a very respectful teacher. Rohit made us feel that we were right in everything we do. He supported us when necessary and gave us time to find out yoga positions. In the individual exercises, he guided us but also let us find out where our limits are. It was very important to him that we could take something from the yoga practice. He is a person who meets you at eye level and appreciates everyone equally. On an individual level, we have realized that he is living what he is learning and that his practice and teaching are honest. On collective level, we have had the experience that he teaches more awareness in the everyday life of his students.

During the Tantra workshop, unlike apprehensions ours and general, we felt very comfortable. It felt like a sacred ceremony for both of us in which we approached each other carefully, respectfully, and honestly. He created a framework into which we could truly see each other for the first time in our togetherness. The method that we learned in the workshop, we started to practice in our everyday’s encounter. Rohit has given us a very important key to meeting each other. He held the room and accompanied us into the honest process without becoming personal even in the least.

We thank Rohit for this experience and for that great time we spend together. we hope to see him again and learn further.

Dominika and Naser, Austria.

Martina Strul

I am Martina from Switzerland. In 2012, I attended the Yoga Training in Kerala, where I met Rohit Kumar during my Panchakarma Treatment. Rohit was one of the reasons why my stay in Kerala became a very pleasant one. As a yoga teacher, I remember Rohit as a very precise observer and I appreciated his methods of adjustments as much as his theoretical knowledge. His way of teaching was inspired by his honesty and will to discover his real self. Beside that I am very grateful for his sense of humour that helped me a lot to go through with some of the panchakarma treatments. I am very glad that I got to know such a humble, funny and open-minded soul, who I am still in touch with after all these years. Hari om and all the best to my dear Indian friend Rohit!

Martina Strul, Switzerland.


Rohit is more than a Yoga teacher. I met him when I was doing my Y T T C at the Ayur Yoga Eco Ashram and he was one of the teachers. Immediately after we met, we became friends. He is a great listener and he gives very good advice if you have any question. This listening and analysing type of personality makes him a very good Yoga teacher. He is very calm and has a very nice voice. He is very good at corrections and particularly he is naturally able to place Yoga as easy as a fun not just serious and spiritual. I would strongly recommend him to someone who is a beginner and to someone who has been doing Yoga for a long time.

Tim Nelson, Gothenburg, Sweden

Marion Wilms

My name is Marion Wilms. I am from Germany and today I am writing this long overdue review close to my heart with joy and gratitude in favour of Rohit.

I met Rohit Kumar more than six years ago in an Ayurvedic place in Kerala. As I arrived in India with an issue of ovarian cysts and very painful menstruations he soon became my personal teacher and designed a very simple yet highly effective sequence of Asanas and relaxation techniques for me. A few allopathic doctors in Germany had already declared my case hopeless and suggested removal of the cysts through surgery as the last resort. Under Rohit’s guidance I dived into the world of Yoga for the first time ever. With lots of dedication on both ends later in my life, just in a few months (approximately 3 months) all cysts and all pain were gone. Plenty of weight was gone, too: D.

Rohit is one of those people that, in case you get lucky enough to cross path with him, light up the room as soon as he enters. He is one of those souls that everybody wants to be close to for reasons unknown. He is that person that has everyone hanging on his lips as soon as he speaks so no word of wisdom or humour goes unnoticed. He is one of those people that you want to have in your life forever as he enriches it in every aspect. When we had the chance to spend time outside the classroom I often witnessed the miracle myself. People from all walks of life were drawn towards him, asked for advice, just wanted to share a story or just yearned to be close. Over the years, I saw students coming and staying, friendships forming and followers adding up in numbers. I often felt humbled to be part of all that greatness. In all those years, I also could not help but wonder what it is exactly that makes him stand out from the rest!

Yes, I would say, he has profound knowledge of what he teaches…, Yes, he teaches with dedication and with patience… Yes, his voice is clear and warm when he speaks…, Yes, his classes are very organised, interesting and easy to follow for everyone – the young and the old, the healthy and the sick…, Yes, he is always respectful and always discreet………I could write many more reasons and virtues and all would be true but deep inside I know there is something else.

Rohit is one of those rare souls that are able to connect with each and everyone they meet. He is part of you and he is part of me. Because he shares our stories, because he experienced it all personally! Rohit not only teaches about yoga and about life, Rohit is life. He has been there. He is real and he is raw. He shares a story with each of us and he can identify with everyone.

Rohit knows the different cultures and religions because he has met people from all over the world. He knows poverty, as he has been born poor himself. He knows material wealth, as he has shared moments of material abundance. He knows solitude, as he has spent a long time in his own company. He knows chaos and anxiety, as he has experienced the huzzle and the buzzle of modern society. He knows hunger, as he has been starving himself. He knows also the opposite, as he has been eating so much that the tummy hurts. He knows about suffering, as he has caused suffering and suffered himself. He knows about loss, as he has lost before. He knows about friendship, as he has made many friends. He knows about happiness, as he has experienced eternal joy. He knows about betrayal, as he has betrayed and been betrayed. He knows about romance, as he has always been a romantic. He knows about forgiveness as he has forgiven many and has been forgiven! He knows about love, as he has loved and has been deeply loved before and now!

For all that I have written, is my experience about Rohit in the very detail of his health, peace, chaos, anxiety, happiness, courage, confusion, honesty, truth, experience both nice and not nice, failure, success and his journey into the various current of his life: all have made him what he is. From my very recent conversation with Rohit, I know he has excelled in a way that I have more admiration for him as a great friend. I am proud to know and have him into my life. I wish him all the best for his bright future!

Marion Wilms, Myhl, Germany

Kristen Schneider

I am Kristen from USA. I came across Rohit Kumar Ji in 2018, during my 300 Hours yoga teacher training. Rohit Ji taught us philosophy; Yoga Sutra of Patanjali in the course. I found his teaching style to be informed, patient, and compassionate. Rohit ji is supremely knowledgeable on the ancient texts and clearly loves and lives the wisdom. He interlaced personal stories into the discussions to help bring life to the heavier topics. I enjoyed his class very much and would surely recommend others to learn from him. Thank you,

Kristen Schneider, Florida, USA

www.wellblends.com, www.ayurveda-orlando.com

Sara Quinn

I am Sara Quinn. I am from England. I have been attending Live Online Tantra and Yoga with Rohit Kumar. Rohit has a clear teaching style that is very easy to follow and effective. He connects well with each student.  There is a good balance between physical and meditative practice. I have found no barrier to practising online. The class is well-structured, clear and personal. I have learnt a lot of things that have improved my internal and external alignment. The exercises are easy to follow yet deeply transformative. Rohit is a true yogi sincerely dedicated to the higher authentic goals of yoga. He has a rare quality and depth that naturally transmits to the students. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to practice with such a deeply experienced, dedicated and high level practitioner. Thanks!

Sara, England


Greetings from Maryland, USA! My name is Elizabeth Sebastiao. I had the pleasure of going to Rishikesh, India to be a part of the 200 hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. While in Rishikesh, I met a simply extraordinary teacher, Rohit Kumar. Yogi Rohit Kumar Ji taught Kundalini Theory and Practice in a way that was fun and engaging. I enjoyed his humour and kindness throughout the course/classes he taught. In my opinion, Rohit was very patient with everyone in the class and quite thorough with the material he taught. He was able to describe concepts and give many examples to help the class understand everything we learned during the 200 hours course. I loved that he was so interactive during his teachings and would ask the class questions and help us with studying.

In Rohit’s presence, I felt that he was and is a very humble and genuine soul. He radiates positivity and sees the good in everything. His smile is one that is contagious and he really does have the nicest hair on a man I have ever seen. I’m not sure what exactly he does with his hair, but it is gorgeous.

If you ever have the pleasure of taking his class or being in his presence, please give him a hug for me. I enjoyed his teachings so much and learned a lot from him inside and outside the classroom. I would like to see him continuing on this path to share his light and knowledge with as many people as he can.

Peace and love,

Elizabeth, USA


I am Claudia from the Netherlands. I attended Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training in Rishikesh. We had 8 teachers and Rohit was one of them! What a great human being, what a great teacher! He was the only teacher who knew our names, every day he checked if he still knew them. It gave the lessons a real personal touch. Rohit was always friendly and full of love. I really love his smile! So pure, so true, no fake!

We were allowed to ask all the questions we had and Rohit answered them. He knows everything about Chakra’s and Kundalini. And he knows a lot about Michael Jackson and Britney Spears (hahahah). we had fun with him and this is also very important. Our course is already finished but sometimes he sends us some information, I appreciate it a lot. I also asked him something on whatsapp and he immediately answered my question.  We could see that Rohit enjoys teaching… and living! He is a real Yogi! He also told us about his youth, his personal life…there was no gap between student and teacher.

I wish Rohit all the love and good luck for the future. I hope to meet him again.

Claudia Manetsgruber

Lorraine Mccall

I am Lorraine Mccall from Alexandria, VA in the U.S.  I attended Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh in the Fall of 2018 where I met Rohit Kumar as my Kundalini philosophy instructor.

Rohit is wonderfully animated when teaching.  His wealth of knowledge and depth of academic training is beautifully expressed when he shares his experience and perspectives on the ancient teachings and wisdom that is yoga. His presentation is clear and interesting with stories and experiences to give the lessons context and clarity. One of the best things about Rohit Kumar’s teaching is that he is a wonderful and warm person who shares of himself in his lessons with his students. He conveys his lessons in a collegial discussion format that allows his students to explore questions and ideas in the context of the lesson material.

Rohit Kumar is one of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever met – both as a teacher and simply as a truly good human being.

 Hari Om tat Sat!

Lorraine McCall

Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Anne and Stefan

We are Anne & Stefan from Germany. We came to Rishikesh to find a Tantra Teacher to deepen our senses in our Relationship. Fortunately we found Rohit Kumar. He invited us for 5 private morning Tantra classes to his home at Tapovan.

At his place, the atmosphere was always warm and welcoming. Rohit is a great teacher with many years of practical experience and a lot of theoretical knowledge. He has warmhearted, sympathetic and attentive personality. So he always noticed what we needed.

The class was always well structured. He led us from Asanas, over some meditation practices into deep feelings for ourselves and our partnership. Though the practices were on some points very in time and included deep hugging and kissing, we never felt uncomfortable. Rohit has a great way to lead you deep into your feelings and senses.

He is friendly, funny and full of spiritual wisdom. He also offered us to pay less, if we could not afford the full price. We achieved a lot during the practice and we will never forget the moments we shared with him.

Rohit is the perfect teacher for couples with the aim to learn more about their bodies, emotions, senses and the feelings of love and sexuality.

Anne and Stefan, Hannover, Germany

Eline Zen

I am Eline from Belgium. I attended Kundalini yoga teacher training in Rishikesh where Rohit Kumar was one of my teachers. It was a very rich experience for me and the classes from Rohit were definitely part of it. The Kundalini theory and practice he gave us was very profound. After each class I felt something had changed inside of me. He learned us more about the deeper meaning of the 7 chakras, the Kundalini awakening and the benefits of meditation. Each class we started with a silent moment to come into the present, followed by a chakra meditation.  We learned to have a closer look into each different chakra. Afterwards we expressed our feelings of how the visualisation, the colours and the breathing had changed our body and mind. We received a lot of knowledge from Rohit and at the same time there was space for asking questions and discussing different topics which made his classes very interesting. For me it was a perfect balance between theory and practice. Rohit opened a WhatsApp group during our training, where we received more images and information from him. We also got a clear idea of how to continue our daily practice ones back home. It helps me a lot to stay into the wonderful vibration of Rishikesh and the world of Kundalini. Rohit is a sweet and talented man. You feel the passion for his teaching and his guidance to bring more consciousness into the world. It was an honour to be part of this. Thank you Rohit for your amazing energy!
Eline, Antwerp, Belgium


I am Isabell from Germany. I attended the Kundalini Yoga teacher training last December in Rishikesh where Rohit was one of our teachers. One of the best things about Rohit is obviously that he is not only teaching something important but he also portrays by himself what he wants us to understand. His external appearance is as pure and shiny as his soul and he has a lot knowledge to spread. His articulations are always precise and good to understand, which makes him a wonderful teacher.
I also really appreciate his concern about the welfare of his students. Being part of a Yoga stay is never only body work but also a lot of emotional work. As a student of Rohit you will never feel alone with your emotional overcoming. Consequently he is not only a teacher but also a new kind friend.

Isabell, Berlin, Germany

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