Tantra and Yoga Overseas

Tantra & Yoga Overseas

About T. Y. O.: The courses, retreats published in the website and others that might be asked for in enquiries, are possible to be organised in any part of the world. We are open to this.

Information: We have successfully been able to conduct overseas courses, retreats and various Yoga activities such as in Sweden, Netherlands and Germany etc. We require proper invitation and arrangements.

Overseas Courses and Retreats

A. Courses: Yoga Teacher Training Courses certified by Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International.

B. Retreats: 

C. Yoga Activities:

Way to avail the service: Please write to us via contact us or our email: sanatanayogsandesh@gmail.com

Fee Structure: The fee to the overseas courses/retreats can vary from country to country according to the current exchange rates but in many ways are the same as we have in IndiaWe discuss and clarify this at the time when we decide to accept the invitation.

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