arjunArjin ji was born and brought up in Begusarai, Bihar. He is a great soul. Right from his childhood days, he has been blessed with the direct discipleship of Baba Shantananda who initiated him into the secrets of Jnana Yoga.

This was just the beginning of him into this path. His master imparted him also the secrets of Hatha Yoga, which he excelled into in no time. People have seen him into Shirsasana not for a minute or two but for minutes over an hour which to some of us might feel bizzare but when he was asked about it he said very politely, “science might disagree because it has its on logic but in Yoga when the centre of gravity has been experienced one hour in Shirsasana seems some moments. When asked, if he got tired ever during the practice, he said “come and see when I do”. Very humbly and smilingly he says, “Yoga for fun, Yoga for health, Yoga for fitness: these are very good opinions. To me Yoga is me, I live only for this” This is his idea about Yoga. Academically Arjun ji is a  Master in Zoology  and received a P. G. diploma in Yoga. He has keen interest in the practices of Yoga and Spirituality.

As an individual he secretly kindles the light of Yoga within himself. He is a perfect example of an unattached household who is leading his life in this world as a lotus does in mud. Naresh Ji and Arjun ji stay together and work together for their spiritual growth and for universal plan.

Hari Om Tat Sat!

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