Current News 

About CN: The page incorporates some recent and immediate information about any changes that we do according to the circumstances we come across. Please have a look into this whenever you visit the website. It has two sections:

  1. Permanent News
  2. Current News

Section 1 – Permanent News  

At Rishikesh our all programmes are held at the different location mentioned below with link:


However, we organise courses and retreats at different locations as well. If we do our courses and retreats at other locations we would mention the changed and additional location at the relevant page.

Section 2 – Current News  

  1. We are working to organise the website to add more images with the link: This will help to know the places better however the places is far better than the images can show. In any event of time we provide the best possible arrangements for the accommodation and needed essentials.
  2. Our official address and location is mentioned in the Contact page. Please click the link:

Hari Om Tat Sat!



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