Health Restoration Yoga Retreat

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Health Restoration Yoga Retreat

About H. R. Y. T: In the  retreat the application of Yoga is served with a view to attaining sound health, vitality and a calmer mind. Anyone suffering from physiological, psychosomatic or somatopsychic problems and is willing to achieve the state of good health or someone with sound health wants to understand the mechanism of Yogic disciplines for maintaining the sound health this retreat for sure allows him/her to restore the harmonious balance of body, mind and emotion which results into total health and renewed energy. The practices of the disciplines of Yoga combined with conducive atmosphere, lifestyle and diet brings convincing and perhaps astonishing benefits.

Some common health problems like: Asthma, Sinusitis, Headache, Migrane, Short Shightedness andLong Sightedness, Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism, High and Low BP, Arthritis, Common Cold, Hyper and Hypo acidity, Tonsillitis, Indigestion, Constipation, Colitis, Gastro-enteritis, Diabetes, Obesity, Arthritis, Cervical Spondylitis, Back Pain, Slipped Disc and Sciatica, Depression, Nocturnal Emission, Impotence, Vaginism, Proplapse, Menstrual Disorders, Hernia, Skin diseases, Personality Disorders, Insomnia etc. are sure to be properly managed if these disciplines are maintained in the daily life style.


The Programme Model: We arrange this programme depending upon the requests made and also depending upon the facilities we can provide to the seekers. In general the design of the programme is made to work on certain specific kind of health issues and we name them as Health Restoration Yoga Retreat for Back pain, Health Restoration Yoga Retreat for Diabetes and Health Restoration Yoga Retreat for Insomnia etc. According to the possibilities in hand we will be organising these different retreats.

Additional Study: During our retreat we include study of Ayurveda, Philosophy, Importance of massage and other alternative modes of healing according to requirements.

Duration: 21 days.

Retreat eligibility: The retreat is open to everyone who wants to understand sound health and wants to know the means to achieve this. can see hopes into Yoga. If there is some health issue, this should be intimated to the school before registering for the retreat.

Retreat Objective

  • Providing of the requisite training to the participants to attain sound health, vitality and a calmer mind.
  • Fetch the attention of people to the importance of Yoga which enables us to revitalize the entire system for the experience of sound health.

Some important information about the retreat

  • During the retreat aspirants have to maintain compact discipline prescribed.
  • For personal health and hygiene, aspirants can bring personal bed sheets, pillowcase, sleeping bag or blanket. Medical prescriptions, Medicines on regular basis must also be brought. Other personal things such as torch, umbrella, padlock etc. may be needed during stay.
  • Karma Yoga: During the retreat individuals undergo experiences which require those to be assimilated within for which Karma Yoga is the best means. Depending upon the requirements we may involve you into this.

Relevant Yoga Books

Yogic management of Common Diseases: Dr. Swami Karmananda

Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha: Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Raja Yoga: Swami Vivekananda

Anatomy and Physiology: not specified

The Daily Schedule

The daily schedule generally starts by 5am. All students have to wake up at this time except in some contingencies. The above daily programmes are tentative and subject to change according to need. All classes are held for 5 days in a week. However, for the retreat the daily schedules are made depending upon the different health retreats organised. However, some expected ideas are hereunder which are subject to considerable change:

5.30am to 7am: Personal practices as suggested

7am to 7.15am: Herbal tea/Drink

7.30 to 9 am: Yoga Practices (those which are needed)

9am to 10am: Brunch

12pm to 1 pm: fruit/fruit juice

2.30pm to 3.30pm: Yoga Practices (those which are needed)

4.30pm to 6pm: Yoga Practices (those which are needed)

6pm to 7pm: Dinner

9pm: Bed time

Retreat Fee and Important Details

2150 EURO only in general. But the fee can vary by being more or less which depends upon the kind of retreats we organise. The fee is calculated from the day of the commencement of the course until the concluding day of the course. The arrival of the student before the commencement of the course and staying of the students after the concluding day of the course don’t come under the concerned course fee. The students have to pay the extra fee for the concerned days.

The retreat Fee includes accommodation for one person (both in single bed room and sharing rooms), required vegetarian food for 21 nights, text books, a note book, a pen, a new Yoga mat, Jala neti pot, education, private consultation etc. The fee does not include Flight tickets, airport Pickups and drop backs, day tours, tours after and before course, any other transport costs and students’ personal expense in miscellaneous ways.

For your convenience, we hint at the normal exchange rates which keep changing as per the day:

1 USA$ – 68 rupees Indian, 1 EURO – 72 rupees Indian, 1 Australian$ – 47 rupees Indian, 1 Swedish Kr – 8 rupees Indian.

The above are the gross idea. It keeps changing but there is always a little bit change in the rates. You can always check the current rates at

Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of 300 EURO only excluding bank charges/commissions is required to confirm the candidature in Yoga teacher training course. You can pay this through bank transfer, Transferwise or Paypal. Please follow payment option.

Cancellation of the application for the course: For the time being we do not provide this facility. Therefore, properly decide before you deposit the amount for the course.

Remaining Payment: The remainder payments can be made after arrival. For more details please look into Orientation guide in Download.

Registration: Please write to us via our email:, to check the availability of a place. It the place is available we will request you to fill in the registration form online. Then you need to make non-refundable deposit to finally be selected for the retreat.

Accommodation, Food & Drink etc: Please follow Yoga School.

  – – – Hari Om Tat Sat – – –

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