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Humans alone can do Yoga. For physical health, mental peace and total being Yoga is the easiest, fastest and surest way. The best of all what Yoga, supplies us with is that we develop so much of inner strength that even in adverse physical, mental and emotional condition, we are able to remain calm, balanced and much less affected. The question is well answered when we undergo the disciplines of Yoga. Sanatana Yog Sandesh puts the idea in its adage that practice Yoga to enjoy nothing less than happiness at physical, mental and emotional level.

Breathing is only one of the many tools through which we get to the real Pranayama. Pranayama is to control and expand the shuttle vital force within the body to expand consciousness. Classical methods of manipulating breathing with disciplined rules of inhalation, exhalation, retention (internally and externally), joined with Mudras, Bandhas and visualization result into the happening of Pranayama.

Meditation is a happening something like sleep. We prepare to sleep but we don’t know when the sleep induces. In the same way what we do in the name of Meditation are practices to withdraw the senses from their sense objects or practices to get concentration. Perfection into these results into the happening of Meditation. Sithilikarana (Relaxtion), Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses), Dharana (Concentration); follow one another and one ripens into another culminating into Meditation.

Necessarily not. It is not the span of time that matters more in most of the cases but the intensity and the needed practices. Sanatana Yog Sandesh brings nice sequences able to be performed in 90 minutes only which combines a grand blending of Asana, Pranayam, Pratyahara and Dharana to an individual which enables him/her to harmonize his/her different spheres of life.

Yes and no both. Ailments as result of imbalanced life style such as Indigestion, Insomnia, Back-pain are well cured by Yoga. But certain cases for example Genetic problems are manageable only.

According to Yogic texts this human body is a combination of two important elements. One is the life force; prana shakti and the other is the mental force; chitta shakti. We all are composed of this prana and chitta. Balance in these two forces makes life go on smooth but imbalance between these forces causes diseases at physical, mental, emotional and psychic level. In Yoga they are termed as Pingala and Ida respectively; the two great nadis that run within the framework of the spinal cord. This life force and mental force permeate the entire body. Prana and Chitta remain separate within the body. The union of these two infinite forces in perfect balance at the top of the spinal cord brings the mind into a state of fission. This fission manifests energy and then here is an explosion of what we say as knowledge. Then the mind which is totality of awareness, karmas, emotions, thoughts is well understood and every action and reaction is handled and an individual is able to use it like a master. There is no Yoga and no evolution until an individual is able to tame these two infinite prana shakti and chitta shakti. The prana shakti can be balanced through Hatha Yoga; Asana, Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha and Chitta can be be tamed through Kriya Yoga, Nada Yoga, Mantra Yoga, and Laya Yoga etc. Thus Yoga is the most possible way which helps in the evolution of personality.

Should sweating be the outcome of Yoga then better we run for sometime as it allows us to sweat more. The at least outcome of Yoga at the gross level is relaxation.

Yoga has many disciplines/faculties and not trends. What we have commonly these days in the name of Yoga at different centers, studios and schools are Hatha Yoga practices with so many names and trends. Like other discipline of Yoga, Hatha Yoga, also has compact disciplines. Any trend, or center or school complying with these disciplines should be resorted to and respected.

Sanatana Yog Sandesh is formed to share the approach and experience of the different disciplines of Yoga in a practical way. We use the tools of Yoga to influence and penetrate different layers of our existence. Therefore our approach which has its roots in age old systematic function of Yoga must be experimented at least for once.

We never claim so and it is not so. “Sanatana Yog Sandesh” is simply an approach within its limitation which tends to share the experiences as a result of certain disciplines of Yoga practiced seriously, regularly and continuously.

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