Daily Yoga Classes

We should adopt Yoga as life style as simply and easily as we eat, drink, sleep, work, smile

May the practices of Yoga be naturally guiding our daily patterns


Daily Yoga Classes

About DYC: This includes drop in classes and regular Group classes apart from the regular courses and retreats.

*Each session lasts for 90 minutes which combines Asana, Pranayama, Relaxtion, or Pratyahara or Dharana as per the people and their need and a short talk at the end of the every session.

Time: The morning session starts at 7.30am and the afternoon session starts at 4.30pm.

Attention: As we have Courses/Retreats going on every month so the usual time and sometimes even the classes for the Daily Yoga Classes can go affected. Therefore make sure through phone call before you come for the Daily Yoga Classes.

*The personal consultancy regarding an individual’s personal physical, mental and emotional issues is also a part of this Daily Yoga Classes. The individual can fix an appointment.

Hari Om Tat Sat!

Upcoming Courses and Retreats

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