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About “Sanatana Yog Sandesh” Yoga School:

Under constant Persuasion and continuous support from all of you ‘”Rohit Kumar” has brought his experience to be disseminated through the medium of a Yoga school namely “Sanatana Yog Sandesh”. Here meeting the expectation of you all Rohit is bringing his best with what he has into his hand in the form of different Courses/Retreats the date of which will be coming through this website according to the requests made in the course of time.

We will be offering a wide range of  Yoga courses, retreats and training etc. which enable an aspirant to deal with the complications existing at physical, mental and emotional level. These Yoga courses/retreats will combine a harmonious unity of the different disciplines of Yoga such as Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Nada Yoga and Kriya Yoga etc. in its theoretical and practical approach with a view to attaining a way to live the life of a brave and fearless who can be “peacefully intense and intensely peaceful”.

We as serious practitioners of Yoga, offer and infect the same seriousness to those who approach us. We don’t need to promise anything to anyone because our meeting itself is a promising thing. Our sojourn and work together will facilitate a way to all of us to be practically helpful in our daily life to enjoy all human needs of life such as food, sleep, sex, different relations and dynamism in work etc.


“Happiness” by bringing harmony at physical, mental and causal level!!!


Give what you want to receive!!!

Emblem defined:

The emblem of Sanatana Yog Sandesh, contemplated of and designed by Rohit Kumar himself is a beautiful work of Yogic art. The whole of the geometrical diagram is in the form of Yantra which if practiced concentration upon brings tremendous effect on archetypes. The message of Sanatana Yog Sandesh is  conveyed explicitly through this Yantric Emblem. Rohit Kumar, describes the idea conveyed through this Yantric emblem in the following way:


“The bigger wheel is symbolic of physical body (Sthula Sharira), infinite lines from the bigger wheel to the smaller one of astral body (Sukshma Sharira, mind), and the smaller wheel of causal body (Karana Sharira) and AUM (ॐ) at the center in the diagram stands for the Highest Truth. Therefore the ideal behind the emblem is that the harmony of the three layers of bodies bestows happiness and that happiness opens the door to the highest truth AUM. The idea can also be put in another way that the wheel of life runs smooth when the harmony of the three layers of bodies or three levels of existence is established. The Physical, Astral and Causal are also indicative of three major aspects of Yoga viz: KarmaBhakti and Jnana.

Physical: Karma Yoga

Astral: Bhakti Yoga

Causal: Jnana Yoga

The piece of the verse in Sanskrit (सत्यं परम् धीमहि : Satyam Param Dhimahi) is culled from the greatest of all the Puranas; Srimadabhagavatam, Canto: 1, Chapter: 1, Verse: 1. सत्यं (Satyam) means truth, परम् (Param) means the highest, and धीमहि (Dhimahi) means think, meditate or contemplate. The complete meaning of the piece of verse in Sanskrit is that we think on that Highest Truth”.

Yoga Hall :

At the moment Sanatana Yog Sandesh runs in a rented building on the roof of which it has a Yoga hall namely ” Purusa Yoga Hall”  accommodating at one time 21 Yoga practitioners  for theory as well as practical classes. For all the Courses, Retreats and Classes the concerned Yoga hall is the place we have.


“The school does not have its own room to accommodate students” so we arrange the accommodation of  the students for all courses in nearby homestays. Fort Cochin is famous for homestays and we have good terms with nearby homestays which are maximum 2, 5 or 7 minutes walk from the Yoga School. Each homestay has its own size of rooms and facilities. We try our best to bring to all the students nice facilities up to our maximum level. There can be shared rooms (Non-Ac) bigger in size and smaller private rooms (Non-Ac). Each room will have nice beds, Pillows, clean bed-shits, blankets, towels, electricity, attached toilet and bathroom with cold and warm water facility, Tables, chairs, mosquito nets etc. things for daily use. We can’t make sure which room will go to whom. Depending upon the number of tourists to Fort Cochin availability of rooms can be found. But we make sure that the rooms would be nice enough to meet your expectations. We sincerely seek your co-operation for the successful completion of the course.

We also suggest students to look for rooms near Sanatana Yog Sandesh, Yoga School on their own and get them confirmed through internet before the course starts. In this case they will be charged only for the classes and the concerned course”.

Food and Water:

For all Courses and Retreats the students will have their daily meals within the Yoga School campus according to the programme made. They will be served South Indian/North Indian (as per the day and time) vegetarian Sattvic (Conducive to Yogic discipline), foods & drinks. We would like you to have this idea within you that the practices of Yoga seek a distinct life style which includes food as one of the most important factors. We are not against meat-eating but for the course’ sake we design the menu to work better on body, mind and emotion. we will be providing you filtered water at homestays as well as at Yoga School campus.

Food Schedule:  

For different courses there are different food timings. The food timings will be informed to the students for the concerned courses. Please look up the courses’ menu/sub menu on the website.


Fort Cochin has sufficient power supply every day. However, there is sometimes power off moments. To cope with that homestays have UPS Battery backup for all rooms. We request our guests to avoid consuming power especially when we are on batteries during the day time.


Each homestay has wi-fi facility which the students can avail. The speed may be slow or fast depending upon the services from the company.


Homestays will have basic landline telephone or mobile phone no or both. Students can avail incoming facility with those numbers at a specified time. Now a days, even for foreigners it is possible to get mobile SIM cards from shops with a permanent address proofs and local address proof. You can try to get one from local shops.


The homestay you will be accommodated in has laundry facility which you can avail at nominal charges. You personally have to reach the person taking care of you thereat.


Each course is different so we have separate programme and information regarding them though some similarities can be seen. The students are requested to look into the information regarding each course carefully.

Our upcoming prospects:

As it is an open secret for all of you that Rohit Kumar himself has taken this undertaking of running Sanatana Yog Sandesh at your constant request and support. Therefore, I would like to unearth this heartfelt feeling of me/us that the idea is to find a suitable place in a countryside where silence is heard, silence is spoken and silence is understood. We have been looking around in this regard and it will not take long. What we would like to have for you all is underwritten:

  • To find a few acres land in countryside near a river where if possible rising and setting both Sun can be seen.
  • To have within the campus facilities for everything that a systematic Yoga school should have.
  • To find a place where Yoga itself can be experimented and experienced as the sole tool to mould and sharpen human personality.
  • To maintain an atmosphere where people of similar mentality can come and meet for a certain span of time to share and imbibe mutual experiences.
  • To bring into action the practicalities of the disciplines of different aspects of Yoga in our daily life to enjoy nothing less than happiness.
  • To build up a place which is neither an Ashram (the foundation of an ashram is always a GURU), nor a resort, never a hotel or also not a teaching place but a sojourn which is maintained by love and sacrifice, where people coming have right to feel their own, where voice is allowed to be loud enough and silence is heard loud enough.

To fulfill this mammoth task Rohit Kumar with all his close associates as usual seeks your love, assistance, kind suggestion at any point of time. This will be your place because you all want this. We are just a tool which is in action at your command. Every new person visiting us would be contributing for the further growth of this place.

*** During the course and your stay we provide you the basic comforts, and facilities needed for students. The charges for the courses are affordable and maximum of this goes in meeting the expenses that we have as Fort Cochin is an expensive place in all regards and you all know this.

Hints to get at the Yoga School:

Cochin international airport: 

Cochin international airport is the nearest international airport to Fort Cochin. There are flights from all part of the world coming to Cochin.

If there are no direct flights from your place to Cochin then in that case you can fly from your place to Indira Gandhi International airport, New Delhi. Or

you can also fly from your place to Chhatrapati Chivaji International Airport, Mumbai. Or

you can also fly from your place to Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore. Or

you can also fly from your place to Chennai International Airport, Chennai and from these above mentioned 4 major international airports there are every day domestic flights to Cochin International airport.

The distance from the Cochin international airport to Fort Cochin is 3okms which is one and half hour car drive. We organize safe Airport Transfers pick you up /drop you back to/from Airports at anytime of the day or night. If students would be arriving one/two days before the course starts we can co-ordinate to accommodate two/three students in one car comfortably to reduce the car fare and for a company on a long drive. You need to send us your confirmed e-ticket to let us know the flight number, airlines and airport and arrival/departure timings. We will confirm your airport pick up by email. Our designated Driver/staff will be standing at airport with a placard showing your name and  Sanatana Yog Sandesh.

Trains from other parts of India to Cochin:

Ernakulum is the nearest train station to Fort Cochin. There are long journey trains from/to New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and all other Indian Cities to Ernakulum. From Ernakulum you can come in Govt. buses, Auto, Cars etc. to Pattalam, Fort Kochi. It takes 30 to 40 minutes by bus from Ernakulum to come to Fort Cochin. Please check the availability of  trains from here:

Places to visit in Fort Cochin:

There are a few places which one can visit in Fort Cochin some of which are within walking distance. These are: Fort Cochin Beach (walking distance), Chinese Fishing Nets (walking distance), Dutch Cemetery  (walking distance), Indo-Portuguese Museum (walking distance), Jewish Synagogue (need auto), Maritime Kochi Museum (walking distance), Santa Cruz Basilica (walking distance), Mattancherry Palace (need auto), Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary (need auto), St. Francis Church (walking distance) and Vascoda-cama church (walking distance) etc.

Our Location on Google Map:

You can also locate our address in google map shown in the website at the bottom of the homepage.

“We sincerely receive you here with deep thankfulness for gifting us a unique chance to serve you. Let’s meet here to connect with one another and explore Yoga with its better understanding of the principles and disciplines. May universe be favourable to you ever is our prayer”!

 Looking forward to see you here soon.

Hari Om Tat Sat!

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