Health Restoration Yoga Programme

“Health Restoration Yoga Programme” is a 21 days retreat in which the application of Yoga is served with a view to attaining sound health, vitality and a calmer mind. If someone has been suffering from physiological, psychosomatic or somatopsychic problems and is willing to achieve the state of good health or someone with sound health wants to understand the mechanism of Yogic disciplines for maintaining the sound health this retreat for sure allows him/her to restore the harmonious balance of body, mind and emotion which results into total health and renewed energy. The practices of the disciplines of Yoga combined with conducive atmosphere, lifestyle and diet brings convincing and perhaps astonishing benefits.

Some common health problems like: AsthmaSinusitisHeadache, Migrane, Short Shightedness and Long SightednessHyperthyroidism and HypothyroidismHigh and Low BPArthritisCommon Cold, Hyper and Hypo acidity, TonsillitisIndigestion, Constipation, Colitis, Gastro-enteritis, Diabetes, Obesity,  ArthritisCervical Spondylitis, Back Pain, Slipped Disc and SciaticaDepressionNocturnal Emission, Impotence, Vaginism, Proplapse, Menstrual Disorders, Hernia, Skin diseasesPersonality Disorders, Insomnia etc. are sure to be properly managed if these disciplines are maintained in the daily life style.

The Programme Model: 

We arrange this programme depending upon the requests made and also depending upon the facilities we can provide to the seekers. In general the design of the programme is made to work on certain specific kind of health issues and we name them as “Health Restoration Yoga Programme” for Cancer, “Health Restoration Yoga Programme” for Diabetes,  and “Health Restoration Yoga Programme” for Insomnia etc. According to the possibilities in hand we will be organizing these different programmes.

 Daily schedule:

Depending upon the different health Programmes organized regarding different health issues daily schedules are made. However some expected ideas are here under which are subject to considerable change:

5.30am to 7am: Personal practices (A bit of Asana, more Pranayama and mental practices in your room or morning walk).

7am to 7.15am: Herbal tea or Lemon,honey mixed with plain water or as things prescribed before the class starts.

7.30 to 9 am: Yoga Practices (those which are needed).

9am to 10am: Brunch.

12pm to 1 pm: fruit/fruit juice.

2.30pm to 3.30pm: Yoga Practices (those which are needed).

4.30pm to 6pm: Yoga Practices (those which are needed) .

6pm to 7pm: Dinner.

9pm: Bed time.

***These programmes are tentative and there can be substantial changes according to the need.

Course fees:

 (a) 51000/- Indian rupees only without food and accommodation which is only for the classes and courses for one person.

***The course fee does not include Flight tickets, airport Pick ups and drop backs, day tours, tours after and before course, any other transport costs and students personal expense in miscellaneous ways.

 *** Those who can’t afford the total course fee they can be allowed to participate in the course with half payment of  the course fee and in exceptional cases they can have total exemption in the course fee. Please, remember that this is only for those who have got no alternative but are seriously looking for the Yoga classes. This privilege must be resorted to when there is no way left. We cordially welcome those seekers!!!

 For your convenience we hint at the normal exchange rates which keep changing as per the day:

1 USA$ – 60 rupees Indian

1 EURO – 70 rupees Indian

1 Australian$ – 47 rupees Indian

1 Swedish Kr – 7 rupees Indian

The above exchange rates are the gross idea. It keeps changing but there is always a little bit change in the rates. You can always check the current rates at


A non-refundable deposit of 21000/- Indian rupees only excluding bank charges/commissions is required to confirm the candidature in the Health Restoration programme. You can pay this through bank transfer or Paypal.

Cancellation of the application for the course:

For the time being we do not provide this facility. Therefore properly decide before you make the payment for the course.

Remaining Payment:

The remainder payments can be made after arrival in Indian cash. For more details please look into Orientation guide.


Please write to us via our email: describing the health issues with relevant pathological tests if you have to check the availability of a place. It the place is available we will request you to  fill in the registration form online. After the registration, you will have to send a non-refundable deposit of 21000/- Indian rupees to finally be selected for the course.

About Fort Cochin:

Fort Cochin is situated near Arabian sea. It has a long history behind. When you arrive here you will come across a lot of things speaking about the past especially about European settlement and establishment the remnants of which is still seen alive. It is a beautiful place where you can experience the fusion of western and eastern culture. It is a place which has access from all over the world. For more information about Fort Cochin please check the Orientation Guide and the link shown here under:


At nearby homestays in Non-ac single or sharing bed rooms only depending upon the availability of rooms. In case of need we can arrange  rooms with AC but the prices will be higher. The aspirants have to pay extra sum for their accommodation. The prices for the rooms will be reasonable and affordable. For more information please refer to the Orientation guide and Yoga School menu.

Foods & Drinks:

There will be different food regime for an individual or a group of individuals depending upon the health issues they have. The different programmes for different health issues may also include fasting. This will be a strict vegetarian diet during the programme which mostly includes raw fruits and vegetables depending upon the need  for all participants. The aspirants have to pay extra sum for their food. The prices for the food and drink will be reasonable and affordable. For more information please refer to the Orientation guide and Yoga School menu.

How to Get Here?

Cochin International airport is the main airport nearest to Fort Kochi. For more information please refer the Orientation guide and Yoga School menu.

“For information in detail please look into the Orientation guide”. 

General information regarding Health Restoration Yoga Programme:

:The Health Restoration Yoga Programme for 21 days is open to those who are suffering from the concerned health issues and also to those who are at sound health but want to understand the mechanism of the disciplines of Yoga to be used into daily life with a view to attaining sound health, vitality and a calmer mind.

:This 21 days is a period to maintain compact discipline. Therefore aspirants are expected to help the management in this regard to let things go very smoothly.

:For personal health and hygiene, aspirants can bring personal bed sheets, pillowcase, sleeping bag or blanket. Medical prescriptions, Medicines on regular basis must also be brought. Other personal things such as torch, umbrella, padlock etc. may be needed during stay.

:During the course programme Mobile phones, internet, Ipads, computers and use of electronic equipments are be to resorted to only when it is needed;

:Please carry your Passport with Visa stamped.

:All aspirants must take full responsibility for their own health and welfare.

:Please consider carefully whether your English language skills are sufficient.:

:Sanatana Yog Sandesh takes responsibility for aspirant’s accommodation in non-Ac rooms but Ac-rooms only in exceptional situations with additional charges and simple vegetarian meals conducive to body, mind and Yoga therapy. In case our rooms are fully occupied aspirants have to manage their accommodation and food of their own. In this case they will be charged only for the classes.

:All other expenses required, such as additional food or special food, Enema, any medical needs, books, clothing, personal requirements and any other miscellaneous expenses are covered by aspirants during their stay. Aspirants should bring enough cash to cover the course formalities as well as their own personal requirements throughout the duration of their stay. There are ATM facilities or money exchange agencies in Fort Kochi in case it is needed.

:Light, loose, comfortable clothing and footwear is most practical in all seasons. You should bring an umbrella or rain coat.

:During the stay aspirants will be served food as per their need. Owing to the level of health issues fasting, fruit juice, fruits and so on can be also a part of the daily meal. Diet other than that is prescribed and served is not allowed. The packed water bottles or  water gallons as per availability will be arranged for individuals.

:The course requires aspirants to remain sincere to the disciplines during the entire period of the course such as attending classes on time, observing silence as prescribed, personal practices as prescribed in private room, some work as a part of social selfless services (Karma Yoga ) withdrawing temporarily from the distractions of daily life.

:Use of intoxicants or stimulants like Tea, Coffee, Smoking, Alcohol, Gutkha or any such type of addiction should be strictly avoided for speedy improvement.

:Once travel arrangements are finalized, kindly intimate us your arrival and departure particulars so that necessary arrangements can be made.

:We don’t claim to cure you but we give our utmost to bring to you tremendous zeal and enthusiasm to counteract what has been panicking you.

:At any point of time if aspirants feel that the place and service is not up to their satisfaction they can withdraw from the programme.

:Sanatana Yog Sandesh keeps the right to bring some substantial changes regarding the guidelines as per need to serve you all better.

:Sanatana Yog Sandesh expects you all to co-operate so that our stay and work together might bring convincing result.

:Sanatana Yog Sandesh is happy to receive your kind and wise advice at any point of time.

****According to the request of a person or a group of people “Health Restoration Yoga Programme” can be organised in any part of the world. From 1st of December 2016 Rohit Kumar has been living in Europe. Therefore except Online Yoga Service all the Courses/Retreats/Programmes at Fort Cochin, Kerala is withhold for the time being.

Hari Om Tat Sat!

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