200 Hour/4 Weeks YTTC

200 Hour/4 weeks Yoga Teacher Training Course:

Certified by Yoga Alliance International

At Sanatana Yoga Sandesh, Fort Cochin, Kerala, India.

Sanatana Yog Sandesh serves a fully residential 200 Hours/4 weeks Yoga Teacher Training Course for those who desire to impart the knowledge of the disciplines of Yoga in their community or elsewhere. It is also open to those who want to learn and deepen their personal abhyasa (Practices). The course envisages theoretical as well as practical Yogic methods to work on the body, mind and emotion. At the successful completion of the course an aspirant will be conferred upon a certificate indicating that the aspirant is qualified to impart the techniques in which he or she has been trained.

Total number of seats: 21

200 Hours course standards and curriculum:

This is to ensure that all graduating aspirants meet the genuine educational standards. Contact hours mean that the teacher is physically in the presence of the student and non-contact hours mean assigned reading, homework, non supervised group study, observing Yoga classes etc.

Techniques (Total 130 hours with 90 contact hours): It includes training in the techniques and practices of: Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Mantra chanting, Some practices of Shatkarmas, Pratyahara, Dharana, Relaxation, and some other Yoga practices etc.

Teaching Methodology (Total 20 hours with 15 contact hours): It includes principles of demonstration, observation, assisting/correcting, instruction, teaching styles, quality of a teacher, and student’s process of learning.

Anatomy and Physiology (Total  10 hours with 5 contact hours ): It includes physical anatomy and physiology (Bodily systems and organs etc.), Yoga anatomy and Physiology (chakras, nadis, etc).

Philosophy (Total 20 Hours with 5 non-contact hours ): It includes the study of the important aphorisms of Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Some hints about Bhagavada Gita, History of Yoga, Yogic life style and  some  ethics for Yoga teachers. 

Practical Training (Total 20 hours with 10 contact hours): It includes time of students themselves teaching as well as observing, assisting the classes taught by others, personal practices of specified Yoga techniques and specific essay assignments. These hours may be supervised and unsupervised.

Karma Yoga: It includes participation of desirous students to help run the Yoga-school.The selfless service includes also cleaning of personal rooms and things, cleaning nearby places and things and services like these.

Objective of the course:

  • Providing of the requisite training to the students in their endeavor to blossom into integrated personalities with balance of head, heart and hand.
  • To offer to the world at large well trained Yoga teachers to serve Yoga to all without distinction of caste, class, creed, cult, sect, religion, nationality and whatsoever.
  • To prepare a band of enthusiastic people who can live and let others live the life in a humanistic way.

Course Eligibility:

: The candidate must be medically fit* to undergo the disciplines of Yoga.

: The candidate must be 16 or above of age. Higher age limitation is not a bar.

: Prior knowledge and practice of Yoga is not mandatory but it helps in undergoing the course.

: Self-motivation is required for all aspects of the course.

: Honest desire to learn and firm openness to the teachings of Yoga is a key.

Relevant Books:

Asana Pranayama Mudra and Bandha: Swami Satyananda Saraswati

The Science of Pranayama: Swami Shivananda Saraswati

Raja Yoga: Swami Vivekananda

Anatomy and Physiology: Leslie Kaminoff


Yoga teacher training and assessment:

The entire Yoga Teacher Training is the assessment of the students at all levels. However there will be one practical and one written tests. Successful students in these tests will be conferred upon the Teacher Training Certificate.

*** Sanatana Yog Sandesh is certified by Yoga Alliance International as both RYS 200 and RYS 300. This provides the students’ chances to use the certificate for career and job opportunities.            .

The Daily Schedule:

The daily schedule starts by 5am. All students have to wake up at this time except in some contingencies.

5.30am to 7am: Personal practices (A bit of Asana, more Pranayama and mental practices).

7am to 7.15am: Herbal tea

7.30am to 9am: Asana practices followed by relaxation

9am to 10am: Meal time

10am to 11am: self-study time

11am to 12.30pm: Lecture

1pm to 1.30pm: fruit/fruit juice

2pm to 3.30pm: Lecture

3.30pm to 4.30: personal cleaning and Karma Yoga

4.30pm to 6pm: Teaching methodology, ideas about Pranayama, meditation etc.

6pm to 7pm: Dinner

7.30 to 8.30pm: Kirtan, Chanting, video shows, personal time etc. (This is an optional session but participation of everyone brings a distinct harmony between all of us).

9pm: Bed time.

The above daily programmes are tentative and subject to change according to need.

“All classes are held for 6 days in a week. One day in a week is an off day to relax, contemplate and visiting the nearby cultural, historical, religious places like these”.

The Course Fees:

(a) 1,51000/- Indian rupees only including food and accommodation for one person (both in single bed room and sharing rooms). The course fee is calculated from the day of the commencement of the course until the concluding day of the course. The arrival of the student before the commencement of the course and staying of the students after the concluding day of the course don’t come under the concerned course fee. The students have to pay the extra fee for the concerned days.

(b) 1,21000/- Indian rupees only without food and accommodation which is only for the classes and courses for one person.

*** The Course Fee (1,51000/-) includes accommodation and simple vegetarian food for 28 nights, all classes, text books, a note book, a pen, a new Yoga mat, Jala neti pot, coaching, private consultation etc. and the Course fee (1,21000/-) includes all classes, text books, a note book, a pen, a new Yoga mat, Jala neti pot, coaching, private consultation etc. The both course fees do not include Flight tickets, airport Pick ups and drop backs, day tours, tours after and before course, any other transport costs and students’ personal expense in miscellaneous ways.

*** Those who can’t afford the total course fee, if they can arrange their accommodation and food they can be allowed to participate in the course with half payment of  the course fee and in exceptional cases they can have total exemption in the course fee. Please, remember that this is only for those who have got no alternative but are seriously looking for the Yoga classes. This privilege must be resorted to when there is no way left. We cordially welcome those seekers!!!

For your convenience we hint at the normal exchange rates which keep changing as per the day:

1 USA$- 60 rupees Indian

1 EURO – 70 rupees Indian

1 Australian$ -47 rupees Indian

1 Swedish Kr – 7 rupees Indian

The above are the gross idea. It keeps changing but there is always a little bit change in the rates. You can always check the current rates at www.xe.com.


A non-refundable deposit of 21000/- Indian rupees only excluding bank charges/commissions is required to confirm the candidature in Yoga teacher training course. You can pay this through bank transfer or Paypal.

Cancellation of the application for the course:

For the time being we do not provide this facility. Therefore properly decide before you make the payment for the course.

Remaining Payment:

The remainder payments can be made after arrival in Indian cash. For more details please look into Orientation guide.


Please contact us or email to register via sanatanayogsandesh@gmail.com to check the availability of a place. It the place is available we will request you to filling in the registration form online. After the registration, you will have to send a non-refundable deposit of 21,000/- Indian rupees to finally be selected for the course.

About Fort Cochin:

Fort Kochi is situated near Arabian sea. It has a long history behind. When you arrive here you will come across a lot of things speaking about the past especially about European settlement and establishment the remnants of which is still seen alive. It is a beautiful place where you can experience the fusion of western and eastern culture. It is a place which has access from all over the world. For more information about Fort Kochi please check the Orientation Guide and the link shown hereunder:



At nearby homestays in Non-AC single or sharing bed rooms only depending upon the availability of rooms. For more information please refer to Orientation guide and Yoga School menu.

Foods & Drinks:

Vegetarian, Sattvik (suitable for Yoga practices) South/North Indian food. For more information please refer to the Orientation guide and Yoga School menu.

 How to Get Here?

Cochin International airport is the main airport nearest to Fort Kochi. For more information please refer the Orientation guide and Yoga School menu.


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