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Humble prostration unto the lotus feet of all the seers of this universe to bless us!

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Sanatana Yog Sandesh, by the grace of the highest truth and under the sound guidance of Rohit Kumar, a devoted Yogabhyasi (Yoga Practitioner) is the bearer of the ancient wisdom “Yoga”. The word “Sanatana” implies continuity and eternity whereas “Sandesh” connotes message therefore Yoga at Sanatana Yog Sandesh is, exactly as it was and as it shall ever be.
Sanatana Yog Sandesh serves the spirit of Yoga in its unadulterated, unmodified and unaltered form as per the needs and limitations of an individual irrespective of his/her caste, creed, cult, religion, nationality and what so ever. We as channels let the spirit of Yoga flow in its natural way…..

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  • Every now and then throughout the life we are lucky enough to meet a person that has the ability to light up any space we enter. Rohit is one of those people and I was fortunate to meet him while getting my yoga teaching certification in October 2014, Mysore, India. At the time I was suffering with extreme hip pain. With Rohit’s knowledge combined with the passion and attention he gives his students he showed me the path to healing my hip, while becoming more aware of what my body was telling me. Rohit continues to share his guidance and support with me even today. I am beyond thankful that the universe was kind enough to let us cross our paths!
    Knoxville, TN, USA
  • I met Rohit at Ashram in Maisur and had chance to be trained with him during a Yoga Teacher Training Course in 2015. This is the remarkable and sympathetic person who can help people not only with moral but also regarding  their physical problems. So I can safely call him doctor Rohit ? I am grateful that later long time we still support communication. Rohit; good person, good friend and teacher of Yoga. I hope we will meet next year;)…
    London, United Kingdom
  • Rohit is smart, kind, thoughtful and a talented master Yogi. He is charming, knowledgeable, sincere, polite, warmhearted, generous, good friend, good teacher and a wonderful man. The list could go on but those words are what remind me of Rohit. I had the pleasure to train with Rohit back in November of 2014 at Maisur in India during a month long Yoga teacher training course. I will never forget our first conversation. It was about the Yoga sutras of Patanjali. I knew from that conversation that I was going to be working with a master Yogi. And I was right! Rohit is a very talented and patient Yogi. He is skilled in his practice and very diligent. He is a good friend too. He is easy to talk to and is eager to help out with anything that you need. He is respectful too! I will never forget Rohit. I am glad that we are still friends even though we are thousands of miles apart. I am forever grateful to him for being such an amazing teacher and friend.
    Washington, U S A
  • I met Rohit in April, 2015 for the first time and I discovered the therapeutic aspects of Yoga through him. I found him extremely knowledgable not only about how to treat patients with Eastern methods but also with a great insight into Western medicine and thus able to compare both with their limitations. I have during the year seen many people being cured by Rohit's Yoga programmes with proper diet of their concerned health problems. He has also a great insight into the spiritual world. For those who have needs to discuss and understand our existence and its mysteries they have a great friend in Rohit in this regard. I have for several months been able to consult Rohit regarding my patients with different ailments and it has been a great success. For those who attend Rohit's classes and get his consultations I can promise it is worth everything!".  I pray he may continue to be growing in this dimension of his existence for the well being of humanity!!!
    Kungsor, Sweden
  • I met Rohit in 2014 in Kerala during a Panchakarma treatment. Rohit gave Yoga lessons 3 times a day. One day we sat and had a chat together. I asked him what Yoga meant to him. His answer left me wonderstruck . “Yoga meant so much love he said, unbelievable without boundaries” and while sitting there I felt and saw the sincerity, deep love and truth in him. From that moment I took every moment to follow as much Yoga lessons by him as was possible in between the Panchakarma treatments. Weak or full of energy I was drawn to follow Rohit’s Yoga lessons. His lessons were always connected with this deep love, with great knowledge about the Asanas and sitting there we all were part of the ancient Yoga roots and Rohit’s own experience and wisdom. What Rohit did was giving Yoga lessons which were always a challenge, but with respect to one’s limits and always following and listening what every person could do at the moment. Rohit encouraged every one and helped (“served” is what Rohit always prefers to use instead) everyone. His great faith in the healing benefits of Yoga became real for many people there. For me doing Yoga these weeks was the beginning of stretching all my “channels” in body, mind and heart. From the day I was in Kerala till now I do Yoga every day. “Rohit has been my first and greatest inspiration for this journey.
    Katinka (Mary)
    Ammerzoden, Netherlands
  • I always remember the day I met Rohit’s eyes for the first time.  It was in the Ayurveda Yoga Villa in Kerala in 2014. It felt like we already knew each other long before we met. I surrendered in deep trust. I am practicing Yoga for almost 40 years, but following Yoga classes with Rohit felt so different, much deeper, much purer but also familiar. For a Western woman, Yoga classes are really heavy and the intensity is overwhelming. For me Rohit’s classes were Yoga as it should be, back to the essence ! After each Yoga class with Rohit, I felt different, more free in body and mind, sometimes with painful muscles because of my enthusiasm. “Yoga with Rohit is going further than the material world. it is meeting the universe; the unknown becoming less unknown”. “Yoga is more than doing Asanas and Meditation. Yoga is changing the way of life, it is returning to the inner most being and being free". This is what in short I could receive from the bulk of what flowed from Rohit and his pressence.
    Lily (Martha)
    Grimbergen, Belgium
  • I first met Rohit Ji during a month long Yoga teacher training back in October 2014 in Maisur India. The general feeling of everyone there before Rohit arrived was one of discontent. Rohit was supposed to start work for the ashram in November, but his presence was so strong and comforting already to those of us who got to know him, and so his work began sooner than expected. What would happen, then, was a transformation amongst us all.  Night after night, he would sit with us individually to listen intently to our ailments and personal problems that hindered our progress as aspiring Yoga teachers. One could sense the palpable shift then only days after his arrival. Students felt a renewed sense of purpose. "No personality is beyond transformation".  I remember Rohit saying these preceding words to me when I'd asked him how he's able to see past the unattractive qualities of people in general.  It made me realize something deep down; it planted a seed that has changed my entire perception toward mankind, and has since fostered a love for all people that grows stronger with each day. It is Rohit's sincere regard for personal and collective progress that leads him to ask you hard hitting questions leading to revelatory breakthroughs as I had on that day. His devotion to his own Yoga practice is evident in the dedication he has towards improving his own student's practices. His patience and kindness are a beacon for any struggling student. When I myself was desperate for answers, Rohit took me aside and devoted personal time with me to develop a Yoga practice specific to my needs. This included specific postures for meditation, mantras, pranayama, and sun salutations. It is my pleasure and with great honor that I recommend Rohit Ji, not just to students of Yoga, but to anyone travelling the path to self-discovery.
    Lowell, MA, U S A
  • I met Rohit in Ayur Yoga Eco Ashram near Mysore in January, 2015. His morning teachings started with a meditation where we would stare at the big red sun and dedicate our practice. The Surya Namaskara that would follow made even more sense then! Rohit's faith in Yoga is palpable and I must say I benefitted from it. More than teaching the mere physical aspects of Asanas, I learnt from him the importance of surrendering to the practice in order to have a much deeper insight on consciousness. Rohit would always encourage us to go beyond our limitations or fears, and, at the same time, remind us of the need to relax and to laugh at times. He is eager to teach and to transmit what he believes in, and anchors his schedule in quite a strict discipline (at least this is what I could feel); this reflects in his lessons as a peaceful and respectful atmosphere which I really enjoyed. I hope the new centre where he will teach will benefit as many students as possible!
    Paris, France
  • Rohit is more than a Yoga teacher. I met him when I was doing my Y T T C at the Ayur Yoga Eco Ashram and he was one of the teachers. Immediately after we met, we became friends. He is a great listener and he gives very good advice if you have any question. This listening and analyzing type of personality makes him a very good Yoga teacher. He is very calm and has a very nice voice. He is very good at corrections and particularly he is naturally able to place Yoga as easy as a fun not just serious and spiritual. I would strongly recommend him to someone who is a beginner and to someone who has been doing Yoga for a long time.
    Tim Nelson
    Gothenburg, Sweden
  • I met Rohit in 2013 at a time when I was learning the art of compassion and how to reconnect body and mind.  He as a patient teacher, and very good friend used his knowledge to combine the ailments of the body and mind to help me to learn to heal myself.  He has great skill at providing enough guidance to me to ensure I know which path to follow, and yet is able to step back and let me learn in my own way the finer details. He is easily approachable and available.  In these years of our great friendship he has always been a great support. I am grateful for his guidance and proud to know and connect with him.
    London, U K

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